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Nepal is an underdeveloped landlocked country inhabited by 23 million populations of enormous culture and ethinic diversity. Nepal with 1476181 KM area is more than double the size of Sir Lanka, 23 times smaller than India and 68 times smaller than China. It is surrounded by India on the South, West and East and by China on the north. Nepal is a beautiful country with diverse ecology. It has three diverse ecological Zones- Tropical Terai Plains Subtropical hilly regions, and the cold mountains in the north. These three climatic regions run parallel through the east to the west. Hilly region runs in between the plains and the mountains.


Six seasons constitute Nepal’s climate. The temperature varies from 0 to 45 degree Celsius. It ranges form extreme hot, pleasant hot/cold, to chilling cold.This enables Nepase workers to acclimatize in all types of climates. They can work in chilling European climates to the hottest Middle East.


Nepal is famous for Boudha, Apostle of Peace, world highest mountain the Mt.Everest and war veteran Gurkhas. It is also the land best known for its social, cultural and religious harmony. Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all make the country’s Population. Unity in diversity is what Nepalese re habituated with.

Nepal’s nearly 90 percent population lives in the remote rural areas. Majority of rural population has no access to transport and electricity. It is largely dependent on traditional agriculture.


Tourism, earlier the bedrock of Nepal’s minescule economy, now has significantly declined. After the decline in tourism and the export of carpet and garment form Nepal, foreign employment has become the second largest contributor in Nepal’s economy.



History of Nepalese manpower going for overseas employment dates back to early 19th century. Nepalese are most pronounced names in the history of bravery and honesty. Almost 200 years down the road, things have changed. Nepalese going abroad does is not limited only to Indian and British Army. More than a million Nepalese work around World except Indian as migrant workers. Almost 75 percent of them work in the Middle East countries.