The Lucky Overseas (Pvt.)Ltd. provides best solutions to meet the needs of manpower exporting Nepal and the manpower exporting Nepal and the manpower countries around the globe.


  1. To explore market potential for a huge number of unemployed Nepalese youth.
  2. To find better job opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, trained and professional Nepalese manpower.
  3. To enhance manpower industry for better opportunity for Nepalese workers.
  4. To provide best possible Nepalese manpower to the manpower sourcing countries.
  5. Supply of competent and disciplined youth as per the company demand.
  6. Negotiate for better position for Nepalese workers in the country importing Nepalese workforce.
  7. To establish Nepalese workers as the most competent and honest workforce.
  8. Headhunting for processional manpower for outbound employment.
  9. To reduce the country’s unemployment burden.


Main Characteristics of Lucky

  1. Our commitment smooth recruitment services.
  2. successfully recruited more than 40000 workers around the globe.
  3. Experienced & qualified management.
  4. Well managed branch offices with in Nepal.
  5. Fully data based and online software system.
  6. Video conferencing facility.
  7. We are available 8:00AM-8:00PM/365 days on your service.