The terms and conditions are based on the foreign Employment Act of Nepal. They mainly focus for benefit and rights of the migrant workers.
Final interview of the selected workers would be carried out within 10 days after receiving the original documents such as Demand letter and Power of Attorney.
Arrangement for development of worker would be made within 15 days after we receive his visa copy except for KSA (For USA, 45 days).

Free replacement would be made with new worker if any worker is found unqualified for the assigned work within 90 days after he assumes the job.
The company in contract should clearly mention the salary of a worker and other facilities mentioned under clause 5.

As per the Nepalese government’s directives, the employer company should offer following facilities to the workers in written contract.
Food allowance
Medical Facilities
Insurance of worker
8 hours per day
Six-days a week
15 days leave in a year
Overtime (O.T.) if worked more than 8 hours a day.
The contract letter should clearly state the company’s rule regarding the above facilities.

Requirement of Documents

Requirement of document vary from country depending on the particular laws of a particular country. Need of documents also depends on whether the embassy of manpower importing nation is in Nepal or not. Basically, we demand two types of documents before making a final deal for sending workers overseas. We follow the in-detail government provisions to avoid unnecessary hassles to the workers.

Principle Documents

Demand Letter
Power of Attorney

A. Documents for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. Demand letter should be addressed to Lucky Overseas Pvt. Ltd. License no 841/066/67. The letter should detail the number of workers, nature of job with required category, salary, duty hours, food and accommodation facilities, overtime, transport, insurance of workers and other benefits.
2.Power of attorney is a kind of legal confirmation for selection of manpower on behalf of employer. This authorizes Lucky Overseas Pvt. Ltd. License no 841/066/67, for sending workers in a lawful manner.
3. Consular Letter : The employing company has to write a letter to nearby consular office authorizing the employment consultant for visa endorsement and other legal processes. As there is no Saudi diplomatic mission in Kathmandu, Nepal, the employing company has to write letter to nearby consular office or embassy for visa endorsement of the workers. In case of Block Visa issued for Dhaka, Bangladesh, the company should authorized Lucky Overseas Pvt.Ltd.. License no 841/066/67. Which is recognized Nepalese agent by the embassy of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In case of Block Visa issued for nearest embassies-Delhi and Mumbai India, the employing company should write a letter to the associate office recommended by Lucky Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
4. Visa Slip(Bank Deposit Slip) The original Visa slip is required in case of Block Visa, However, the photocopies of Block Visa fee acceptable in case of multiple Block Visa.
5. Company Registration (C.R.)/One photocopy only.
6. Employment Agreement between employer and employment consultant. The agreement must be signed by the employing company.
7. Note : The documents mentioned in 1,2 and 3 must be duly sealed and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce.

B. Other Countries

1. Demand letter as mentioned in A1 Above.
2. Power if Attorney as mentioned in A2 above.
3. Employment Agreement as mentioned in A6 above.
4. Employment Contract.
Note :- The documents mentioned in 1 and 2 must be duly sealed and attested by the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of commerce and Royal Nepalese Embassy.